Sydney Thweatt


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3283 - sandra s. brooks
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 20:52

james and lynette, we are in deep prayer. please know that you can count on our prayers night and day. blessings and His mighty love, sandy brooks

3282 - Katherine Cosimano
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 20:44

Continued prayers for Sydney and the whold family.

3281 - Laura Wettstein Wilson
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 20:00

Dear Sweet Lynette,James and all the family--

I really do not know where to begin to write, but to just say how truly wonderful you all are and how much I admire you! Your love and strength are what have made Sydney's live be so great -- even through her pain. As I read this amasing treasure you both have composed, I see, (not knowing her,) why her strength and possitive attitue has pulled her through. Nothing is harder than giving "it" to God and then--"letting go" for Him to do His will. I know through my past accident this to be true and yet with it being a child--well I can not even begin to image! Phil 1:3-4 Cast all your care in Him, for your are in His comand. If you do this you will experence God's peace, which is far greater than the human mind can understand.

I love you and your family Lynette, and though we have not been close for awhile, you have never not been in my prayers--and always I think of you on the 13th of Aug.--Happy belated Birthday! I am sorry I have been unaware of all you guys have been going through until today. It is so easy to get wrapped up in your own world, (my medical and Byron's) as well as kids and just life. I did not realize---but I am here for you and would be 'there' (where ever that needed to be)at any monent! I really mean it!!! Please know that! I will pray for each of you daily,

My love to you all,


3280 - rene Syler  (
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 16:08

Praying for you guys daily.

3279 - Betsy Hickman
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 15:33

You are constantly in my prayers. May God continue to sustain each of you. May you feel that "peace that passeth understanding" in your heart and in your body during these tiring and trying days. Blessings! Betsy

3278 - Andy and Kammy Fleck
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 13:22

Dear James and Lynette,
Sydney and your entire family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Your faith is an amazing testimony to all.
Andy and Kammy

3277 - Gary Giles
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 05:28

We continue to share your battle with our Sunday School class here so they can pray for the medications to start working.

We know that this struggle has been a long one, and there are many times that I feel like getting on a plane and flying up to NYC to give you some words of encouragement and support. Know that you are constantly on our minds and in our prayers.

You know that God is a God of hope and not despair. Trust in Him.

The Giles Family

3276 - Suzanne Silva
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 03:58

Dear Lynette & James- I am a member at WCC and a BMT nurse before kids. My oldest is the same age as Sydney. I am able to empathize in some ways to your pain and struggle of caring and loving Sydney. I wanted to encourage you in the amazing fight you are helping Sydney live eqach day. I don't begin to understand why God is allowing this plan for Sydney, but I do know He is gkorified by your witnes to the staff, other families there and here, and to your own family. Thank you for your steadfastness in faith. In Christ, Suzanne SIlva

3275 - Jan McIlhenny
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 00:34

I am asking God for your peace of mind and body and for calm to wait for the miracle we all believe soon will come about. Service on Sunday was to have good and positive visions in your mind.....because what you visualize is sometimes what you receive. I wish I could put it into words a little more clear as it made so much sense to me at the time. My heart aches for you all....but I am believeing the new medicine is going to make a mound of difference and you will be seeing improvement daily. We all know it is in God's hands and His will be done. Keep faith...many are out here for her pulling very hard.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Jan and Don mcIlhenny

3274 - Stephanie Baker
Monday, August 20, 2007 23:50

Thinking and praying for you all and little Sydney,

Stephanie Baker

3273 - Jackie & John Thompson
Monday, August 20, 2007 22:47

Dear, dear James, our hearts beat so fast while reading your letters. We feel your pain and the panic you feel each time another test is done on little Sydney. We love you, Lynette, Sydney, Becky and all the boys. You are constantly in our minds and prayers.

3272 - Marilyn Culwell
Monday, August 20, 2007 21:21

Sending you our prayers and our love.
Marilyn and Cully

3271 -
Monday, August 20, 2007 20:52

James and Lynette, Thank you for your gift of sharing your journey, especially during these very rough spots. We are out here with truly countless others praying for you and Sydney. I pray that Sydney had a better day and that the drugs are eradicating the fungus. I hope as unwanted as the feeding tube is that it provides some strength and nourishment to help build her back up. Remember that you have the most important tools to fight this battle: love and faith.
"On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand, All other ground is siking sand."
love and prayers for all the Thweatts and Youngs-Dee Ann

3270 - Kathy Rodriguez
Monday, August 20, 2007 20:20

Praying with you and for you all throughout each day.

3269 - Adrienne Rubin
Monday, August 20, 2007 20:16

Lynette and your wonderful family, as always I will pray for Sydney with all my heart

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