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4018 - The Welling Family  (
Sunday, August 3, 2008 08:27

Dear Thweatts,
We think of you so often and just wanted to say hello and wish you well.
If you ever get back to NY please let us know!
Susie, Mike & Bubba

4017 - Karen Perea
Friday, July 4, 2008 19:29

Sorry, I feel bad that I have not called. I hope everyone is doing well. i can not imagine what your family has endured.
How are the boys doing? I heard Jack got his drivers license. Tell Jack, Ryan still does not have his. Alec always drives. Some day, I am sure they will go their separte way.
Alec and Ryan are in Ohio until 8/8/08, They had a couple more classes they needed and then they will be done. Trevor finished law school, and will take the bar the end of July. No job offers so he's planning to get his masters at NYU. Tatiana is here in Miami with us. She is working in the same restaurant as Fernan, in the kitchen. She is learning a lot. Maybe someday she will open her own restuarant.
Well, I have not been able to get a job. I was walking dogs, but I was getting so exhausted, it was getting to dangerous to have me on the road driving to all these different dogs and the price of gas was getting to be a big concern. My reaction to everything was like I was in a time warp. I went to the podiatrist for an ingrown toe nail and he suggested I see a neurologist because my foot was tremoring. The neurologist is 90% sure I have mild Parkinsons. Good news is that I have responded to the medication. I still get tired out pretty quick, I kept trying to sleep, and wake up just as tired and out of it. I am trying to get a 2nd opinion at the University of Miami. I now understand why I had so many problems at my job in Dallas. I thought it was stress, making my leg shake, and toes curl.
Sorry it took me so long, but I have been think about all of you. Tell Easter Hi and a pat for Chaps. Karen

4015 - milby hartwell
Friday, June 20, 2008 18:41

Thinking of you all today as we are in the heat of summer. Sydney continues to shine so brightly through so many of us.

4014 - Jessica Barnett
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 16:50

Hi Thweatt Family,

Just thinking of you all and your sweet Sydney today. I do not know y'all but had the great priveledge for praying for Sydney and your family daily through her battle. I do find myself checking the website often seeing if there are any other updates. I continue to pray for your healing and that the sweet memories would not fade.

In Him,

4012 - Carey and Chris Gidden
Wednesday, May 28, 2008 23:02


We continue to pray for your family. We've never had the pleasure of meeting you and didn't know sweet Sydney. However, we were so touched by your family's journey that you've never left our hearts and minds. We pray that the Lord is continuing the healing process and that every day gets a little easier than the previous one. What a treat you (and the rest of us!) have waiting for you in Heaven.

God Bless,

The Giddens

4010 - lisa summers
Friday, May 9, 2008 10:00

Dear Thweatt family, I cannot tell you how many days I really miss Sydney. I am thankful she is in glory, seeing our beautiful Lord face to face. I miss her though so much. She was such a bright light for Jesus. I can see them laughing together. Thank you for sharing your lives with me and especially precious Sydney with me. Love, Lisa

4009 - Mary Linda Lipe
Thursday, May 8, 2008 00:49

Today Sarah and I had an extended conversation about Sydney. I can tell Sarah misses Sydney terribly, yet is comfortable with the fact she is in heaven and removed from the pains of this life. Know we love you dearly!!!

Mary Linda

4008 - Kim Brown Cain
Wednesday, May 7, 2008 14:56

Hello James & Lynnette,

It's funny - I was just thinking of you & Sydney this morning, then when I checked my email, there was your letter passed on through Wendy, then Linda.

You are regularly in my thoughts & prayers.

God's continued blessings on you all.


Kim Brown Cain

4006 - Debby Smith
Wednesday, May 7, 2008 10:03

I was at a First Communion service last week where the children sang "I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light" and I realized I will forever think of this song as "Sydney's song." Sydney was the perfect personifcation of this song.
Many a people want to follow Jesus, but there's something that much more special when it's a CHILD of the light. It's the simple faith, the undoubting trust, what Jesus referenced when he said, "Let the little children come to me. Unless you become as one of them, you cannot enter the kingdom." Perhaps only a child could say, "The star of my life is Jesus;" because we adults, unfortunately, have too many stars cluttering our skies.
We continue to prayer for your sweet family!

Debby - for the Smiths

4004 - deb allen  (http://sydneythweatt)
Wednesday, May 7, 2008 00:26

Dear Thweatt family, What a precious letter of love to your sweet Sydney! We are honored that you allowed us that intimate walk with your family. We also are changed and stand in awe of Sydney's courage and faith. Believing Him, Rick & Deb Allen and family

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