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2473 - Dana Clark
Tuesday, March 13, 2007 23:29

Hi Sydney!
Praying that your test results are wonderful--just like you! I miss you and your mom. Give her a hug from me. I know you're having fun with your brothers.
Love you, Ms. Clark

2472 - Cherryl Makatura
Tuesday, March 13, 2007 18:31

Just got the good news on the biopsy, we will continue to pray for a swift return to Dallas and for continued healing.

2471 - Karen Gilmore
Tuesday, March 13, 2007 07:46

Thweatt Family
Praising God with you for the miracle of healing, praying for a quick return home and a good report from the docs and hoping that you all have a fun week together for spring break!

2470 - Allison Koons
Monday, March 12, 2007 23:39

Just wanted you to know that we continue to pray for your family.....specifically for continued healing and that each of you will sense God's provision for every single minute of every single day. Words don't adequately describe how touched I am by your simple, beautiful faith. Thanks for keeping us posted.

With His love and ours,
Matt. 19:26

2469 - Tardy Family
Monday, March 12, 2007 21:50

Dear Thweatts,
We think of you daily and pray for you more often than that. Sorry I haven't written recently. Hoping your family time during spring break is sweet and that Sydney continues to gain strength. Sydney, we got two new puppies recently (Duke and Daisy) and can't wait for you to meet them when you come home. They are Australian Shepherds. All our love, Mauri, Chip, Hollis and James

2468 - Ann Bentley
Sunday, March 11, 2007 14:40

Dear Sydney,
We continue to pray for you and carry you in our hearts daily. My boys and girls at school ask about you and pray for you too. Sydney, you would have loved the lady who visited our church today. You can see her ministry at:
Look through her photo gallery to see a few of the thousands of children she is reaching with the gospel of Christ. She ministers in orphanages, schools, gypsy camps, and to children with cancer in hospitals in foreign countries. When she said that, I immediately thought how much you would have loved her presentation. Please give your mama an extra big hug for me and tell her I'm praying for her and miss her so much. I hope you are soon home and able to experience Spring back in Texas!
Lots of Love,
Ann Bentley

2467 - Marcie Bray
Saturday, March 10, 2007 20:59

I visited my mother in Lubbock this week. She celebrated her 89th birthday the same day Sydney was to get news of her lastest tests. She is 89. She asked how Sydney's is doing. She has been praying for her for months. I was so glad to report progress and she felt her prayers were being answered. She is a prayer warrior. God bless Sydney and all of you as we all continue to pray for her restoration to health. Mike and Marcie Bray

2466 - The Spurgins
Saturday, March 10, 2007 14:08

Hi, ALL of the Thweatt family,

How wonderful that you are all together for the boys' spring break. Dear Sydney, I have had several bone marrow biopsies and know that yesterday was not so fun, but we are praying that the doctors will learn valuable and positive information from the cells they look at under the microscope. Psalm 40, especially verses 1-3--may God tenderly lift all the Thweatts up!!
Love from the Spurgins
(an old Providence family)

2465 - The Raybourn's
Saturday, March 10, 2007 11:56

Hello All,
We wanted to wish you all a happy spring break. We are here is Estes Park Co. thinking of you and hoping Jack will arrive safely on Monday and you will be all together in one place. We love you and look forward to seeing you all back in Dallas..

Susan, Kyle,
Zach, Michelle and Scott

2464 - ally wagner
Saturday, March 10, 2007 11:19

hey syd!! how are you doing? i just got out for spring break and i really wish i could come visit you again!! hope you have the best spring break ever!! you are a strong girl for putting up with all of this hurt inside you!! cant wait to see you!

love your friend

ally wagner

2463 - Jenn & Roger Vermeulen  (
Friday, March 9, 2007 12:29

Thank you for all the updates. We pray that today's tests go well. Please let us know as soon as you know more! Much love to all!
-The Vermeulens

2462 - Marilyn Culwell
Friday, March 9, 2007 09:22

Precious Thweatt Family

We hold you in our prayers--always.

Marilyn and Cully

2461 - Cherryl Makatura
Friday, March 9, 2007 09:00

We at Cambridge continue in prayer for your family. We think of you constantly. We are glad to hear the encouraging news, but know that the battle is still being waged. Today we will specifically pray for the bone marrow biopsy, the test itself, results and effects. We will also pray for a refreshing spring break for ALL of you and a speedy and triumphant return to Dallas. Thank you so much for sharing your trials in such a transparent fashion. Wishing Jack well at the regatta!

2460 - Ashley Gonzales
Friday, March 9, 2007 01:34

Hello brave Thweatts. Thinking of you in Toronto. It's cold here, but Brian tells me it's pretty cold there too. You are still in our thoughts and prayers, and you continue to be a source of amazment to us daily.

2459 - Wendy Doran
Friday, March 9, 2007 00:00

Dear Lynette and James,
How we thank God for His mercy, healing and love in Sydney's life! We are so full of praise this day!
I wanted to share a "trick" that helped my sister when she had a bone marrow biopsy done.
Her husband would gently, strongly and firmly rub her feet, the balls of her feet, and toes, distracting her while the technician was digging into her hip. Her husband would also be talking about something good that was happening or going to happen, smiling and animatedly talking and rubbing her feet. She would look at him and it would take her mind off what was going on in her hip area. She said she couldn't concentrate on the other pain when her husband was firmly rubbing her feet.
Just a suggestion. Maybe it will help if Sidney likes her feet rubbed. Or if they ever don't put her to sleep. God bless you all. love, wendy doran (Cambridge mom)

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