Sydney Thweatt

Letters from James and Lynette
September 30, 2007

September 30, 2007

"Sydney has no possibility of surviving", per our doctors. It is impossible to predict exactly when, maybe a day or two. They told us with as much compassion and kindness as possible. I said, "I can talk about it and I know it sounds like I completely comprehend where we are, but I don't really. The reality only sinks in a little at a time, and I can't begin to imagine how we will live without Sydney.

Aunt Becky and the boys are on their way. We have family with us as always. Lynette is with Sydney around the clock taking care and monitoring her every need. If Sydney appears to be in any discomfort Lynette strokes her hair for what seems like hours and constantly reassures her. We have told Sydney we love and adore her; and to go with Christ, and that we will meet her in Heaven in a very short time. Lynette's confidence in Christ never wanes, but she is crying now off and on. Sydney looks so beautiful and is sleeping peacefully. Sydney's ipod is playing continuous praise songs sung by kids in the room.

Please pray:

We trust God.

Grateful to you,