Sydney Thweatt

Letters from James and Lynette
September 27, 2007

Sydney Thweatt

September 27, 2007

Sydney was making some progress, and she was clearly interacting with us. Aunt Becky brought the brothers for a few days, on the advice of one of the doctors. As soon as the boys arrived Sydney wanted them to come to the hospital. We were in the POU, a toned down ICU. The boys seem so relaxed in this environment, and it is a very disturbing place. We ordered pizza and it was our typical zoo, but comforting. Although, it reminds Lynette and I how much we miss the boys and normalcy.

Early yesterday morning, we were awakened by moans from Sydney. I thought she had another bleed, but the tests were all unchanged. However, she is clearly worse. She is not responding to us anymore, except when in pain or agitation it is difficult to tell which it is. She has some congestion, but is not able to cough and clear it anymore.

Her GVHD is much better. The doctor (AP) just told me he has no explanation of how it could be so much better.

Lynette remains faithful. Constantly praying that if God tells Sydney to get up and walk, she will get up and walk. Lynette is calm and focused on Sydney. Sometimes right before we go to sleep Lynette falls apart.



Answered prayers

  • Some of the families we have met on the floor with serious cancer are doing very well.
  • GVHD looks better.
Please pray . . .
  • For Sydney to be completely healed.