Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James
August 10, 2007

Sydney Thweatt

August 10, 2007 6:09 PM

I just arrived at the hospital. The physical therapist is working with Sydney, and she is crying. Then she has to go to the bathroom, and she scream as she gets out of bed. Then it is time for a mandatory walk, she screams and cries, "it hurts", as she walks down the hall. I feel sick and the energy drains from my body. Lynette doesn't allow herself that luxury; she says, "I can't get down."

The doctor who is on the floor just came by to tell us that the lung biopsy found a bacteria (it's Legionnaire disease or related). They would not have identified the new bacteria without the surgery and it is treatable. Sydney's lung is healing. They pulled out the chest tube Tuesday, which was horribly painful, but she is moving better without it. They didn't want to go down on the steroids, because her bilirubin was a little elevated, which can indicate a variety of things, one of which is GVHD. They have gotten comfortable enough and have decided to go down again on the steroids. There is always a pending test result or two hanging over our heads.

Today she is starting the third day of sleep. Sydney for the past two days has only awakened to walk and do her lung exercises and go to the bathroom. The rest of the time she is asleep. She has a fever and this makes her not want to eat, which is very important for her to heal. It is frustrating and leaves us feeling helpless.

We have met some wonderful families here that are going thru difficult medical issues. These friends have shown great courage and perseverance, which has been an encouragement to us. Please pray for the other families on the ninth floor.

Always thankful for your prayers and concern,


Answered prayers

  • Successful lung operation.
  • No sign of GVHD
Please pray . . .
  • Immune system to come back.
  • No GVHD.
  • No infections.
  • No fever.