Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James and Lynette
August 2, 2007

Sydney Thweatt

August 2, 2007 10:51 PM

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank God the surgery was a success. They removed her lower left lobe and part of upper left. They removed approximately 30% of her lungs.

We arrived at the hospital Wednesday morning at 6:15. Sydney was tired, but not anxious. At 7:30 they began prepping Sydney. They give her some twilight medicine that relaxes her. The surgical team wheels her out and heads her toward the operating room. We are allowed to walk part of the way with them. They stop and patiently give us time to say our goodbyes. Lynette and Sydney's faces are close together as they giggle, about what, I know not. They wheel Sydney away. The doors shut and our eyes fill with tears.

Four hours later the surgeon comes out to tell us everything went good. She is already awake and they are taking her to the Pediatric Observation Unit (the pou). We rushed to her side, anxious at the thought of her being awake and us not being there. When we arrived Sydney's room was full of medical people and she was screaming in pain. Lynette was immediately in between the medical people and at Sydney's side, completely calm. Sydney wanted to know where her brother Johnson (10) was. We told her he was at a day camp a few blocks away. She said, “Go get him!” Aunt Becky immediately brought him to her bedside. Sydney started barking orders at him as soon as he arrived. She talked the rest of the day.

After a traumatic couple of hours her pain was at a manageable level. Sydney said, “It hurt so bad when I woke up, but I didn't say anything because there was a boy in the room.”

Unexpectedly, friends and family stopped by the hospital with birthday presents. There has been a steady stream of medical staff stopping by with presents and balloons. Some of them on there day off, I can't even comprehend it.

Sydney's prayer (Birthday request) for T-cells was answered, and they look strong.

Cousin to Cousin
A poem by Libby Huffines, Sydney's cousin

Cancer is a storm.
I know I am only on the outside of it looking in;
Feeling the need to help but realizing God has to do His work.
There isn't much I can do but pray;
Storms have to run their course.
You can't stop them or prevent them.
You don't know when it will start or end.
All you can do is wait it out.
On the darkest days when the storm was raging,
We weren't sure you'd see the light of tomorrow.
Then God stepped in and turned the rain to snow, and we all rejoiced!
No matter what you're going through right now
Look forward to the time
When you won't have to worry or think about the storm
When we are together in Heaven

We are so grateful for your prayers and concern,


Dear Precious Friends,

Thank you, for all of the prayers. Even though I was easily brought to tears yesterday, I did have a peace. My troubled heart was caused by the pain I knew Sydney was about to face. I wanted so badly to take this from her and I couldn't. She remained calm even facing the surgery. I continue to learn from her faith and trust.

After the surgery it was so good to see her talking once her pain was under control. I was exhausted, but my heart was giddy. Sydney coughed and would sigh from pain, but we had a peaceful night.

Today she has been in pain off and on. The tubes in her side are very painful, but I watched in amazement when she was told that she needed to walk and have physical therapy today. She would grimace at the thought and then would ask for a minute to get ready. Even though it hurt, she would do it because she knew it was crucial to open her lungs and it would help her get better. O.K., I on the other hand, thought up many excuses on why it would not possible for me to get out of bed and walk or be exercised.

Sydney has decided that she is not going to be eight until she feels better and can have her party. I couldn't resist singing to her when she awoke. She asked that all of her visitors not say “Happy Birthday”. So we heard a few congratulations instead and saw a lot of smiling faces. God has brought so many extra-special people into our lives. What a joy! I must say, in spite of the pain, it was a day of praise and rejoicing. I am so grateful for all of you and for all of your prayers. We are covered.



Jude 24, 25
And now, All Glory to God, who able to keep you form stumbling, and who will bring you in His glorious presence innocent of sin and with great Joy. All glory to Him, who alone is God our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord. Yes, glory, majesty, power, and authority belong to Him in the beginning, now and forevermore.

Answered prayers
  • God's Love, Mercy, and Faithfulness
  • 43 T-cells!
  • Sydney tolerated surgery and is willing to work hard to recover.
  • Devoted nurses, doctors, staff, and volunteers.
  • Your constant love, support and prayers.