Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James and Lynette
July 31, 2007

Sydney Thweatt

There is a prayer service Wednesday, August 1 at 6:30 at Highland Park United Methodist Church in the Cox Chapel for Sydney Thweatt. Her 8th birthday is Thursday, August 2 and she is having a lung removed that day so this service is for all to come and lift her and her family up in prayer for Thursday's surgery. She is still at Sloan Kettering in New York. Prayer is still and will always be the most powerful weapon we have in this battle for Sydney.

July 31, 2007 4:38 PM

Dear Friends and Family,

We are in clinic today, and will be here for about nine hours. We usually get the big room and it has a door, most of the rooms just have curtains for doors. I think we get this room because we are typically here longer than the other patients. I like having a door, because I hate hearing the children cry. The door only keeps out the low level crying. Somewhere close by, a little boy is screaming and crying as if he is being tortured. I can't believe he can be in this kind of pain and stay conscious. He is pleading with his mom. We pray for him. Lynette always reminds me, that the child is going through a procedure that will cure him. He has a condition that is curable. It still brings me to the verge of tears, as he screams for his mommy.

Sydney is scheduled for lung surgery tomorrow, Wednesday. I was actually relieved, because they think they can save some of the lung on the bad side and the surgeon felt Sydney was stable enough to proceed. Also, summer vacations make it more difficult to schedule. I really wanted this particular Doctor, because He operated on Sydney's lung last November. A New Yorker, we have made friends with, just stopped by for a visit. She is in clinic for treatment with her son. She said the surgeon scheduled to operate on Sydney is continually listed "number one" in New York for pediatric surgery. I didn't know that. Another friend just brought Sydney a birthday present, I was blown away.

Thank you for your continued prayers and concern,


Faithful Friends,

I appreciate everything more and more. I have taken so many things for granted. Just the thought of being out of the hospital is huge. Just thinking about returning to the apartment is enough for me to rejoice without even a thought of returning to Dallas. I am much more content with a day at a time. The many ways God has sustained us have become clearer. Maybe because I have realized His ways are not my ways.

We appreciate all of you, your words, deeds and encouragement. The doctors, nurses and volunteers are such a gift from God as well as our family members and friends who are constantly serving us. The many families that God has introduced us to in the hospital have been a huge blessing. I am very grateful for the many ways Christ has shown Himself to us through others.

As James mentioned above we are preparing for another hurdle; Sydney will have to have another lung surgery. It was very upsetting. I prayed that it wouldn't happen, but I have an amazing peace. I have not told Sydney yet. I am waiting for the right time. I know she will amaze me with her trust and strength. I look at her and see miraculous perseverance that I can only attribute to her God given personality and His spirit in her. Though I do not know what tomorrow will look like nor the days of recovery to come, I have confidence in Christ's strength and sustaining power. I have the past year as proof.

We have been in clinic most of the day and Sydney has gathered information and knows about the surgery. Her first comment was, "I will have to be in bed on my birthday." I told her I will make it up to her. She knows the pain involved and is still very trusting and calm. She came up behind me and said "Oooo, mom there is an ant on your head!" Then she laughed when I tapped at my head. We even joked in the room about her brother and she laughed as she told me to write about his incident on the website. I don't have the heart to do that to Johnson, but if she asks any of you just say that thing that Johnson did really made you laugh. (I love to see her laugh and try to keep from smiling. Her humor and laughter is rare, but has re-awakened in the past week). What a great and lighthearted time we are having. Sydney appears stronger and seems to feel better than she has the past month. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Thank you for your constant prayers,



Proverbs 3:5,6

Answered prayers
  • We are at peace.
  • Sydney is stronger.
  • 100% Donor Cells.
Please pray . . .
  • Christ guidance for the doctors.
  • Sydney's complete recovery from surgery and her complete restoration.
  • God is recognized and glorified.