Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James
July 27, 2007

Sydney Thweatt

July 27, 2007 4:15 PM

Dear Friends,

The child we asked you to pray for is in heaven. Now please pray for comfort for the family.

Sydney's CAT scan came back with two bad looking spots. One of the generals mentioned taking out one whole side of her lungs. She said lots of people function fine with only half their lungs. They will not know for sure until they get in. The recuperation from this surgery is brutal. The surgeon hasn't weighed in on this yet, because he's out of town until Monday. The doctor said he will probably be willing to do it, but they will not know for sure, because he could deem her not healthy enough for surgery. However, he is an aggressive doctor, who will probably be willing to take the risk.

The bad virus has come down considerably. Her liver has improved enough to even allow for a big dose of the virus fighting medicine.

The GVHD is under control, so they continue to reduce steroids as fast as they can. Once the steroids are a little lower her immune system can start coming back. I watch the head doctor agonize as he observes Sydney, as he debates in his head whether he can go down on her steroids again. If he goes down to fast the GVHD will probably come back, and then she will need big doses that will suppress immune system for a long time.

Sydney is tired and weak. She seldom laughs. Lynette continues to push her to do her breathing exercises, some minimal skeletal exercises and has her walk twice a day. They are letting us out of the hospital today. The last two months Sydney has been planning her birthday party, it's next Thursday. The doctor would like us to consider having the party this weekend, because they may want to operate next week. We have a few family and friends that will be here for the party. Sydney has invited her nurses and techs. We have not told Sydney about the operation or possible change of plans.

Sydney as not been willing to let anyone, but her mother spend the night with her all summer, but a few nights ago, out of the blue she asked Aunt Becky to stay with her for the next three nights. That was a miracle in it's self. Lynette hasn't slept more than three hours at a time all summer.

One more time Lynette is fixing her eyes on Christ, and trying not to go on what is seen, but what is unseen. It seems that almost every day there is something going wrong. It is like a dam, which keeps springing leaks. We are all running around trying to plug the leaks. Then the leaks slow and we overjoyed. Although, it seems I get a little less overjoyed with each rescue.

The battle here is constant. The doctors, nurses, techs, and cleaning people couldn't be anymore engaged in the fight. We have been around so long I think they sometimes forget we are not one of them, and they let us see behind the curtain. Most of the medical people know they are supposed to keep a healthy emotional distance between us and them, but most if not all are unsuccessful. The doctor delivers bad news, and you see the nurses face slightly tighten, as she continues on with her tasks. I didn't notice at first, but as you get to know them you can clearly see it. They try to hide it in Part for you, because fear is contagious.

The head doctor will sometimes sit and stare at Sydney and not say a word; he appears to be bringing every ounce for his vast experience and energy to bear on the problem. Even though he is a scientist, he never forgets the problem is a child. Another of the head doctors bought Sydney a stuffed horse, because Sydney is so into horses. The doctor just happened to think of something specific to Sydney's interest in the middle of a hundred hour work week. I could tell story after story of their love and care.



Answered prayers

  • Virus down.
  • Liver function much better.
  • GVHD under control.
  • Steroid dosage almost low enough for immune system to come back.
Please pray . . .
  • For total restoration.
  • Doctors wisdom and total agreement on treatments.
  • We experience the reality of Christ.