Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James

Sydney Thweatt January 30, 2007 8:44 PM

I arrived in New York last weekend. Sydney was scheduled to have a feeding tube put in (because she is not eating), a new line installed, and a bone marrow biopsy. The morning of surgery the doctor cancelled the feeding tube surgery, because sydney started to eat over the weekend. I couldn't believe the turn of events. After agonizing over her not eating I finally resolved myself to the feeding tube. We still had to do the surgery to change her line. I dreaded this because Sydney has hit the wall the last couple of weeks, and doesn't want to have anything to do with hospitals or the people that work in them, and she particularly doesn't want another operation. She does not want anyone around her except her mom. I had my own reason for not wanting this operation and that is because if they put her under they will do a bone marrow biopsy. The biopsy scares me to say the least.

The operation was yesterday, so I came in this morning knowing they usually get the first biopsy test pretty quick. I walked by the head nurse who we have developed a very close friendship with, hoping when she saw me she would run up to deliver the good news. We only said hello and she went back to her work. Well, maybe she is busy and doesn't have any results yet or she knows and is waiting for the doctor to take us into the private room to deliver the devastating news. I am standing guard outside Sydney's room, because they are not awake. I am always anxious to hear about the night; was it hard, did they sleep, and did she throw up? The doctor came up to me and said we are making plans to release her to out patient status this Friday. I realized then they didn't have the biopsy results, but that was incredibly good news that we are being released. The medical folks have been diligently focused on getting her discharged, they believe she will be happier and do better out of the hospital. We are talking to the head nurse, and a doctor walks up and asks the nurse if she has seen her last page. The nurse read it out loud to us. Sydney's biopsy was free of cancer. This busy doctor came and found us to tell us this great news. It was obvious that she was overjoyed to give us this great news. It has become very clear to me that behind the doctors and nurses reserved personas are hearts engaged in our personal war. The head doc showed up grinning from ear to ear. One of the other docs came by and said, "It's an amazing show to watch".

Lynette is holding up well, which is a miracle in its self. She has not left the hospital in two weeks. The boys are doing well, even Johnson.

There is one more important test result we are awaiting; it is a chromosome test that will be back in 3 to 5 days.

I hate to impose on you anymore than I already have, but I feel compelled to ask you to pray for the courageous families on our floor.



James 11:1-44

Answered prayers

  • She is cancer free.
  • Sydney is eating and keeping it down.
  • No feeding tube.
  • We are moving to out patient status.
Please pray . . .
  • For other families on 9th floor.
  • Sydney's complete recovery.
  • Chromosome test is good.
  • Sydney regains her peace and contentment.

To God be the Glory.