Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James

Sydney Thweatt January 21, 2007 9:52 PM

Sorry for the late update. The bottom line is things are going good.

The doctors say everything is good except Sydney is not eating; well she eats a few bites a day. They say they will have to put a feeding tube in if she doesn't start eating soon. We and especially Sydney do not want to go through another operation, even though it is not a very difficult procedure. I think they will let her go to out patient status as soon as she starts eating or has the feeding tube procedure.

Sydney has hit a wall. I know she has to be tired and is a bit fearful with all of the talk about a G-tube (feeding tube). The other day the medical staff was trying to get her to do something and she pushed her tray and pinched a nurse (who she knows very well). Lynette asked for permission to take Sydney to visit the apartment. They went yesterday (Saturday). Sydney loved being out of the hospital, hopefully this will crank her motivation back up.

The big picture is looking good. There are daily frustrations - she throws up every day, she will hardly eat anything, test and exercises - just to name a few. Fear is always knocking at the door. A few nights ago around midnight there were a lot of medical personal in and around one of the rooms. We have learned that is a bad sign. This room has an adorable little girl Sydney's age. Lynette became immediate friends with her mom the first day we entered the hospital. The mom called Lynette her sister the first day they met. Lynette needed to go home so she went around another hallway and walked directly in to the little girl's mom; Lynette new instantly the little girl had died. Lynette was crushed for this family. She was numb as she walked back into Sydney's room and looked at her (laughing). This was a very hard reality to face and makes us look directly into our own worst fear.

The doctor says Sydney is doing well. The only thing he is worried about is the cancer showing back up.

Lynette seems to be a little down. One of the things rubbing salt in the wound is missing the boys. Jack had is first homecoming Saturday night. Johnson and James started basketball. She is missing being involved in their lives. The distance between them feels even farther. The last few weeks have been difficult for us and that seems strange in light of how well Sydney is doing medically.



Isaiah 46:4
Even to your old age and gray hairs
I am He, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
I will sustain you and I will rescue you.

Answered prayers

  • Transplant is engrafted.
  • No graft verses host disease.
  • Blood work looks good.
  • Fungus is still improving.
  • We are close to becoming out patients.
Please pray . . .
  • That Sydney is completely healed and restored.
  • She eats.
  • We become out patients.
  • We keep our eyes on our Lord Jesus Christ.