Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James

Sydney Thweatt 11/20/2006 9:48 PM

Dear Family and Friends,

We met with the doctors, and the news was devastating. Three of the doctors advised us to make Sydney comfortable and prepare for her death. They say there is no possibility she will get well. Then we met with the head doctor, and he thought we should try to go to transplant, even though the prognosis is terrible. They do not know if they can get the donor here in time.

After counsel and prayer, we told the doctor to go to transplant.

I have known we were in big trouble from the beginning. I have known we were in deadly territory for the last five days, but it was horrific to hear the doctor say there is no possibility that she will live. It was such a horrific moment. I was only able to focus on some of what the doctor was saying, and then I realized she was saying we had a decision to make. The decision was whether to go to transplant or just make her comfortable. They are convinced her pain can be managed whatever direction she goes.

We are praying for a miracle.

Please pray for . . .

  • Sydney to be miraculously healed.
  • Her lungs to be healed.
  • Continued peace.
  • That we all grow in our confidence and assurance in Christ.
Initially, I just stumbled around in and out of tears. I asked Lynette how she was and she responded, God has instructed her to not be terrified or discouraged. Then I sought counsel and prayer from trusted friends, then medical advice. By mid afternoon we were playing and laughing. If someone walked into our room this evening, not knowing our circumstances, they would think nothing serious was going on with Sydney, based on the stress level of the room, that it must be appendicitis or some run of the mill malady. I get anxious just writing about how devastating things are, but then I seem to be able to get my eyes back on Christ and not on my own understanding, and peace starts to take over. Miraculous.

We are very grateful to you.


The Lord is my Shepherd.