Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James

Lynette Thweatt with Quilt 11/12/2006 3:41 PM

Dear Family and Friends,

I have to admit the time this week that I didn't spend worrying about and feeling sorry for Sydney I spent feeling sorry for myself. I kind of forgot the command in Joshua 1:8-9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged: the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." The day I was sick while Sydney had a piece of her lung removed was one of the hardest days of my life. However, out of it came a great blessing because of the time Jack spent sitting by my bed while I read scripture to him and the comfort I felt praying with him.

Another very dark time this week was hearing the news about the bone marrow and signs of cancer. I could hardly breathe. I was very thankful that my mother-in-law and my parents and sister were here with me. James was in Dallas. I woke up the next morning and read in my devotional about God's timing. It talked about Abraham and his faith even when what God promised was humanly impossible. The verse referenced is "Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed" (Romans 4:18). It reminded the reader about the examples of many faithful believers we have been given. As I read on I was amazed by the words "He generally waits to send His help until the time of our greatest need, so that His hand will be plainly seen in our deliverance . . . so that we will not trust anything that we may see or feel, as we are so prone to do, but will place our trust solely on His Word--which we may always depend upon, no matter our circumstances. (C.H. Von Bogatzky)

After reading the above I was told that Sydney needed to go under again and have another bronchoscope. She was a little nervous but once again inspired me by her bravery. She did well and it was worthwhile because it removed fluid that made her lung collapse.

We are now all packed up in bags because we had to give up our room on the inpatient floor. Not long after returning to ICU from the procedure the teacher came by and said how she missed Sydney and asked where the scripture we had on our walls in our previous room was. She said she loved seeing it. I was leaving it all packed not knowing when we would move again. (Feeling sorry for myself about that a little too.) I dug through the bags, found them and promptly hung them back up. It is nice to have scripture on our walls again.

James is back now and he brought Johnson (9 years old) with him. Sydney will not let her old nemesis, Johnson, leave her side. He is vibrating off the walls causing general confusion; Sydney loves it. Sydney is improving, but slowly. She still cannot be without oxygen. They are trying to figure out why. Today she was poked 5 separate places to try to get an IV in for a cat scan. Sydney was so brave and after each painful attempt she would say "wait and I will tell you when I am ready". (Amazing.) We are working her very hard to get her left lung to open. We will remain in ICU through the weekend.

Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement in response to the last e-mail and out of your love and concern for us. We are forever grateful. I still remind myself daily about the many people who are praying for us. Sydney's bible story today was about Jesus praying for us too (John 17). How awesome is that. He is praying that I will be protected from the enemy. Believe me, I feel the battle. I will choose to praise the Lord and trust Him once again.

Thank you all,


Answered Prayers

  • Sydney is still not fearful.
  • God is bringing encouragers to us.
  • We still have hope.
  • We are never alone.
Please pray . . .
  • Sydney's left lung will open and heal.
  • Sydney will get stronger and the cancer will not grow and she will heal.
  • Protection from the enemy and strength to face the difficulties.
  • For our eyes to remain fixed on Christ and we seek His will for us.