Sydney Thweatt

Letter from Lynette, 10/04/2006

Sydney Thweatt 10/04/2006 09:42 PM

Dear family and friends,

Sydney ran a fever a week ago, so we had to admit her to the hospital. That was quite a disappointment. It was also an anxious time because last time this happened she got very sick and ran high temperatures. This time her fever went away immediately, but had to stay in the hospital for a week on antibiotics. Sydney was content being back in the hospital. Lynette regrouped quickly after Sydney pointed her back to the truth. While taking a bath, she said, "Now mom isn't it the breast plate of righteousness you put on?" Lynette said, "Yes it is". Then Sydney went on with the rest of the armor and pretended to put it on with the rags in the tub. She then asked Lynette if we already have the armor with us and Lynette said "Yes, we just have to remember and mentally put it on!" It took me a little longer to renew my mind. She was released from the hospital yesterday. Her immune system jumped from zero to 120 in one day. That has never happened to us.

We go back to New York next Wednesday. Biopsy and other test will be on Thursday and Friday. She will be admited to hospital Saturday and begin 10 days of chemo to kill her bone marrow. Then the transplant. It is estimated that Lynette and Sydney will be in the hospital 45 days and then go to out patient status. Best guess is they will be in New York until the end of January.

Almost as soon as we arrived home yesterday Lynette and I begin to get anxious about going to, the valley of the shadow of death, New York. Sydney says she is excited and ready to go. Lynette regrouped one more time and is trusting in God. Again, I am bringing up the rear. Our anxiety is just under the skin for both of us. As of this writing we are at peace, but it seems fragile.

We have seen amazing miracles, earth shattering disappointments, aloneness, and God's Spirit overflowing in our hearts. Late One night Lynette and a few of her girlfriends were in the hospital conference room praying when a lady walked in on them and said excuse me. Lynette opened her eyes and told her they were just praying. The lady asked if she could pray with them. The unknown lady had just had her first baby. The new born had leukemia and was in serious condition. The unknown lady had a crushed spirit. As she prayed scripture flowed out of her mouth. Then she asked if they could sing. Sure. She sang "It Is Well With My Soul". This visitor had the voice of an angel. The lady thanked them and left as quickly as she entered. One of the remaining girls thought she was an angel. The new born kept fighting for life, but a few weeks ago they were preparing to be sent home under hospice care. They were told the baby is not going to survive. She miraculously went into remission and was released from the hospital yesterday.

Speaking of miracles Sydney went thru this very dangerous round of chemo with very little side effects, except for a problem with her eyes that lasted a few days.

Answered Prayers

  • Sydney tolerated chemo very well.
  • We had an easy time in the hospital.
  • Our boys are maturing.
  • Lynette and I are more and more confident in the Lord.
  • Time at home.
Please pray . . .
  • For Sydney to be completely healed.
  • Perfect health from now on.
  • Caregivers to remain healthy.
  • Lynette to have a good attitude returning to New York.
We are so thankful for all of you.


Psalms 23