Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James and Lynette

Sydney Thweatt 08/29/2006 10:20 PM

Dear family and friends,

It seems as though we are facing something unconquerable or seemingly impossible at times. Then The sky opens up and the sea is divided and our passage is made safe. Then it seems to start to close again.

Last Sunday we were getting everything ready to go when different visitors came by to encourage or help with the nitty grtty details. The thought of leaving the boys for 100 days was weighing heavy on Lynette, and the dread of going back into the valley of the shadow of death was moving higher and higher in her throat.

Lynette had a lot to do, but she would stays up late and gets it done. I was just leaving the office and feeling like we had things under control, when Lynette called. In a serious but calm voice Lynette informed me that Children's Hospital called and instructed her to return to the hospital (we had just been there for platelets) because the blood test revealed Sydney's red blood count was too low for her to travel. Well, I finally got Sydney home at 1:00 am.

Some good friends of my folks made their private jet available to us. This allowed Lynette to spend every last possible minute with the boys. More importantly Sydney's immune system is still at dangerous levels and this made travel much safer for her.

The next day we arrived at the hospital for test and consultation. They put Sydney under to change her line, have a bone marrow biopsy, and have a spinal tap.

After that Sydney was sore and starving, bit it was time for x-rays. Then off to a consultation with the head doctor, who by the way has a great bed side manner. You can imagine how intense this meeting was, because the doctor was explaining all about the bone marrow transplant. About 20 minutes into this meeting Sydney announced that she was ready to go home, NOW. Well she meant now and the meeting was over a few minutes later.

This evening she is in pain that comes and goes.

Well it is almost bed time and I am reasonably at peace. Although, that peace seems fragile and is easily chased away, however, it continues to return.

I am so thankful the Lord goes with us thru the valley. I am also thankful for you.


Answered Prayers

  • Bone marrow donor is healthy and committed to helping us.
  • The boys are doing well and being taken care of wonderfully.
  • Our travel was made very easy.
Please pray for . . .
  • Sydney's test results are good.
  • That she remains healthy.
  • Protection from chemo and other drugs.
  • Her body accepts the bone marrow, and it grows strong and healthy.
  • That we grow in our confidence in Christ.
Hello from New York,

We made it to New York yesterday (Monday). Thanks to some help from dear friends. Sydney was very excited about the trip. She had a ball on the plane and felt very special. When we talked about it later she said "I like my pilots!"

First, I will tell you about the last two weeks. It was great to be home and wonderful to be able to start the school year with the boys. Sydney enjoyed her brothers, her animals, and the opportunity to sneak in and meet her class. It was an interesting balance trying to do the normal activities, deal with the home medicines for Sydney and gear up for New York. I found myself struggling in the one place I was praying to be- home! I was looking for rest from the storm; well actually I just wanted out for awhile. I busied myself with getting ready for school and cleaning out the house. As much as I tried to act "normal" the harder it was to battle negative thoughts and the what if's. Although I had a peace about the big picture I found a lot of little things to worry about. I was trusting the Lord for healing Sydney but becoming stressed about the little things that were difficult and not in my plan. I realized that I need to give Him my complete trust in all things and the only true rest is in Christ. It is amazing how quickly I could go from moment by moment dependence to wanting to be independent and less needy.

The closer it came to leaving for New York the more I wanted to cry. It is bittersweet. It was very emotional for me and I did lose it when we arrived at the Ronald McDonald house and began to unpack and see pictures of family and friends. It is very painful being separated from the boys and difficult being away from our loving community (including Children's). I have to take things a day at a time and not let my mind think ahead. I continue to look at the command in Joshua 1:9, "Be strong and courageous, do not be terrified, do not be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go".

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. This website has been and now will be an even greater source of encouragement for me now that we are in New York. I know we are being covered in prayer by so many. Thank you.

Love In Him,