Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James and Lynette

Sydney Thweatt 6/9/2006 7:20 PM

Hello everyone,

I am not sure where to begin because things have been up and down the past few days. We've started to see the chemo effect Sydney's energy. Tuesday she was having a sluggish day but rallied to visit with the clowns and even gave them a gift wrapped in a paper towel - her hair! She visited with Natalie (an angel who she loves) and she rode on a little toy in the play room. I saw how much she liked riding around so I went and bought her a Big Wheel, built it, and took it to her. She was ecstatic and quickly got up (even tired) and began to roam the halls on her new carriage. I was so excited that it got her up and going. She was back on it the next day; however, the pedal fell off because of an error made by the assembler (me)! I called the company and explained my situation. They were happy to not only send the new part, but also to pray for Sydney and keep up with her progress. God is amazing! She still rode yesterday with a taped wheel and her new part will be here soon. (If you read the e-mails you will see what an awesome company Big Wheel is! This company contacted us today and asked if they could send some free Big Wheels to the hospital.)

Last night her condition took a turn. As we were looking at coming home she began to run a temperature above normal. It spiked to 103 last night. She does not feel good today and has not gotten out of bed much. The fever is consistent and she also has a yucky blister on her lip. Even though she is feeling down she managed to play games with Shannon (he is from respiratory, she likes him and he knows how to get her going). She said she wanted to tell him a secret and when he leaned over she burped in his ear! Also, when the nurse was explaining her fever and medicine to her she pretended to fall asleep until she was finished explaining! I am still amazed at her spunk. I read Bible stories daily and she is happy just listening to her awesome hymns sung by Mrs. Puckett and the kids from school while she plays with her finger puppets and all her awesome stuff. We read e-mails, scripture cards, look at pictures of family and friends and draw some. The day does not drag for her and if you can believe it just yesterday she said "I like being in the hospital". (Praise the Lord!!!)

Thank you so much for all of your help - whether it be lunches, dinners, taking care of brothers, encouraging cards, e-mails, letters, phone calls, or prayers. You are all greatly appreciated. We do feel so loved and carried by the far reaching arms of God.

I cannot say it has not been disheartening the past few days. James and I have both hit some lows and we do not like going there. We are trying to quickly go back to the truth, and your prayers and notes of encouragement help greatly.

Thank you so much,



Answered prayers
  • Sydney's central line looks good
  • We have clarity on the place to do the bone marrow, Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City.
  • We had a terrible hospitalization insurance problem that appears to be worked out.
  • Sydney's cough has improved
Please pray . . .
  • For her total healing, if she has not already been healed
  • That whatever is causing her fever will go away
  • Lip sore to heal
  • That she will be protected from infection
  • That her cough will go away
  • For protection from negative side effects of any kind
  • For her to remain happy, joyful, and at peace
Thank you,