Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James

5/31/2006 10:52 PM

The doctors first run through the bone marrow bank turned up 6000 potential donors for Sydney. Bottom line- we have a bone marrow donor. Now they just have to identify the perfect donor for Sydney. Thank you Lord.

Today Lynette was reading the sign in book we leave at the door. She read an entry from a man whose daughter was on our floor, he wrote that he would pray for us. They have not been able to find a bone marrow match for his daughter. Please pray they find a match for Lauren.

Sydney amazes, shocks and cracks up the staff daily. One of the hospital team was talking to Sydney; they are very open about her condition. They use words like cancer, this time it registered. Sydney asked if cancer could make you die. The hospital worker tried to talk gently around the subject. Finally Sydney called her by name and said in a very direct way; can it make you die yes or no? Lynette walked in and took over with a wonderful but long winded explanation. Sydney finally lost interest and went on to the next subject.

The doctors are very excited that no blast cells have been showing up in the daily blood test. When I left the hospital tonight Sydney was just entering her ninth day of chemo. Adults only go for seven days because it is too hard on them to go any longer. She is showing what appear to be some mild side effects from the chemo. She is running a little fever. The chemo has almost completely knocked out Sydney's immune system.

Please continue to pray . . .

  • For her to be totaled healed, if she has not already been healed
  • For her fever to go away
  • That she will be protected from infection, especially around her central line
  • That the Lord makes it clear where we should have the transplant
  • For protection from negative side effects of any kind
  • For her to remain happy, joyful, and at peace
  • That our hospitalization insurance problem is worked out with a new company
Thanks again to the Lord for all the potential many bone marrow donors and many other answered prayers, also for His invaluable peace.

Thanks to you for your continued prayers,