Sydney Thweatt

Letter from James

5/24/2006 6:40 PM

Sydney has been undergoing chemo for 25 hours. The first day is one of the strongest doses. She is doing terrific. The only problem so far has been no appetite. Food looks, smells, and sounds terrible.

Her attitude is fantastic. She is going to have her beautiful hair cut very short tonight; we hope that will make it easier when it starts to fall out.

Please pray for Sydney . . .

  • To be miraculously healed
  • Health and strength
  • To not get fearful, but to have peace
  • To have no painful or negative side effects from the chemo
Please pray . . .
  • That one of the boys' bone marrow matches
  • For our boys, that this terrifying time galvanizes their faith
  • For us to see the blessings around us
  • That we have continued hope and peace
  • That we hear and understand God clearly
  • For all the family and friends who are propping us up
  • For our continued confidence in God
Thank you for your concern, prayers, and all your help.